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By Blesk is about being innovators and bring our customers products that they need and want. So let us show you our latest offering.

Introducing the Oceanic Glitter Series

This glitter is only available through By Blesk as we are the only company that makes these very specific colours.

Now this Glitter will make you stand out no more basic colours on your garments and accessories

this glitter will bring depth to your next creative project. May it be through the colour-changing abilities of Coral Reef or Golden Algae. or the dimension Below Deck reflects just like the bottom of the ocean.

For a limited time By Blesk with be offering our customers the Oceanic Series bundle for $20.00

that is all 6 Glitters (Coral Reef, Below Deck, Ocean Reflection, Shore Break, Seaweed Green, and Golden Algae)

Let By Blesk give you a little insight into each colour within the Oceanic Series

This glitter is inspired by the very depths of the ocean, the idea the further down the darker it gets. Thus, this glitter gives you pockets of the darkest depths with gorgeous sapphire blue sparkle.

This glitter reminds us of the ocean blues that we all know and love to admire. The picturesque views that we see throughout Australia stunning coastline. Ocean Reflection shows hits of all the gorgeous blues, from Aqua, Sapphire to Cerulean. This glitter is oh so sparkly and would be a gorgeous additional embellishment to any creative project.

Now we no Algae doesn't sound like the prettiest of terms, however, it is a very Aglae is an important part of the ecosystem. It is because of Algaes every-changing ability to group a multipulcate we wanted this glitter to reflect the ability to change colour through movement. Click the link to to see a video of how this glitter changes colours.

We think this name describes the colour perfectly! Just image lush seaweed swaying in the crystal coral reefs, glistening in the sun. NOT! the seaweed that gets washed up on the shore.

This Glitter is a gorgeous green at sparkles so perfectly.

This glitter is inspired by the colours within the shore break. Blue crushing waves breaking into white foam on the wave has broken. As a wave transitions through the break you will see the colours of Blue, Aquamarine and Sparkly White. Due to the colour of this glitter, it complements so many colours and would look amazing on your next creative project.

For this glitter we wanted it to be jam-packed with colours. Just imagine the Great Barrier Reef and all the gorgeous colour you see when you go diving there. This glitter is a sensory overload, however, in a good way! Just like in the ocean this glitter changes colours in different lights. Click the link above and have a look at how this glitter changes colours.

From Left to Right

Coral Reef, Below Deck, Ocean Reflection, Shore Break, Green Algae, and Seaweed


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