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Zoe Lace

This week's spotlight product!

The Zoe Lace

The Zoe Lace is one of By Blesk favourite products to use on their creations. You can either use this Lace as a whole piece or you can cut it down into segments.

One of the best parts of the Zoe Lace is it is soft and malleable, which makes it so much easier if you’re hand sewing onto your next creations. The Zoe Lace comes as a mirrored pair, so if you want to create a symmetrical pattern this is the Lace for you.

This lace comes in so many colours, and is perfect for your next project. Visit the page below to purchase your Zoe Lace

Do you think you could use this Lace on your next creation or project? Send us through a picture of how you have used By Blesk’s Lace to make your design POP!


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