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Diamante Shaker Holders

Diamante Shaker Holders


We know it might seem silly to buy a Diamante Shaker Holders when you have jar lids, coffee saucers and small boxes to help you when you’re adding Diamante Crystals your projects.


However these are the best accessories that you NEED to have.


One they are stackable even with Diamante Crystals or Large Stones inside. And Two, the best part about the Diamante Shaker Holders is the ability to shake 90% of the Diamante Crystals the right way up. Compared to using whatever you have around the house where you are consistently shaking your container to get Diamante Crystals the right way.


These Diamante Shaker Holders will not disappoint  


Material: Cork
Size: 9cm 


If you require a large quantity of this product please contact us through our contact page or via email .


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    Expected to be shipped in 14 business days
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